Full Power

“Rising-up” each morning stronger as ever, even if thousands of external events seem to bring us far from ourselves.  A powerful strength is vibrating from the roots of our soul reaching out our hands, full power ⚡️. All of a sudden we will be radiant like the sun, light as the air and in our minds a serene rainbow will release some peace. Let’s breath deeply. A free soul lives well.

“Sollevarsi” al mattino forti, anche se mille circostanze tentano di portarci lontano da noi stessi, è giusto invece sentire nel cuore la propria forza salire dalle radici dell’anima, raggiungere le mani, full power⚡️. In un attimo siamo luminosi come il sole, leggeri come l’aria e nella mente un sereno arcobaleno che calma ogni pensiero. Respiriamo profondamente. Un’anima libera vive bene.

Thank you Universe

Saying thank you makes Noble all of a sudden. Saying thanks to the Universe, for all the visions, figures, virtues, shapes and shadows appearing in front of us, for the people we meet, for our fortunes, for our obstacles, it is all part of our insight awareness whom always keeps the power to change the outward. Being grateful could be seen as an abat-jour to be turned on every day when at first we have the great opportunity to open our eyes and seeing everything in another way, maybe the one more Royal.

Love Superstar

Shooting-arrows Love Superstar collection triggers the feeling of being struck, electrocuted and simply be lighter and free, because we are in love. The awareness that now all around us is reflecting a different light, it seems more effervescent and brighter, maybe because radiant it comes from our hearts! Fall in love come on, but all of us free! The true Love Superstar  is pure essence of love, it is not subject to compromise attachment, to selfishness of possession, to insecurity of jealousy and leaves free.

Tennis, I AM, all in 5D

Monica and I were born and grew up in front of a tennis club.

At that memory, as per a domino effect, lots of sensations follow one another in my mind: the sound like gunshots of the balls fired against the wooden-rackets nets, the rubber and red ground smell mixed together, feet and white stockings in contact with the red sand, the creaking of the wood hidden under the carpet of the room where members played cards and backgammon, the mineral water glasses too heavy for a child at the bar of which I felt that I had to have special regard … as I drank as a child I always had a crazy thirst.

Sometimes when they didn’t take me to the club, I could control directly from the home garden my parents or Monica playing with their friends.

At three years old I played with enormous rackets for adults and often suffered from loneliness because nobody ever played with me because I was too young and so while my father challenged in singles or doubles his friends, my mother was with her friends, my sister with Vigini teacher, I was playing behind the hedges against the wall, imagining big tennis challenges.

When after years we moved in a new house we found ourselves in front of a tennis club and so again lessons, joys, tears, fears, but always red ground surfaces, rackets and nets around us.

Sundays before my parents separated, were serene; often sunday-mornings were dedicated to shopping, lunch all together and after 4pm family tennis match of the afternoon.

For this reason nowadays I reconnect weekends to physical, healthy activities and aromas who radiating reveal themselves in all my all dimensions: to physical, benefits the mental, the emotional, the spiritual and the energetic sphere of my persona.

I never feel so truly me myself and I, as when I am in my I AM when I am centered and I think to some unshakable pillars of my existence, fundamental for the health of my 5 dimensions!

My Monique and her Loroetu Cow

More than 10 years ago for her passion for jewelry, Monica silently flew like on a balloon from Milan and landed in the hills near Valenza, she met Gianni and went to live in a farm full of courtyard animals: 7 horses, 6 dogs , 1 goat, 1 donkey, 1 llama! and for each sad-sick-thinking soul passing nearby there was dining, a roof and a new loving family ready to take care of it.

Background Haydn classical music, in her atelier at the farm, from the windows on various soft green hills, Monica creates two basic objects of Loroetu: the earrings from the Freedom collection and the Cow, the ancestor of the Ethic and Awareness collection.

The Loroetu cow “Live and let live” becomes her inseparable jewel and the ethical piece which symbol of our mission, trying to make other people feel happy.

There are those who look at her neck and smiles and who proposes more radical thoughts and more or less deep, subtle and polite.

All free. Everyone catches in our messages the hues he wants, just to get better, and that makes staying others even better.

We are not positioned under a cultural foxhole and we won’t tell to the others what to do; for us our cow should serve simply to operate the mechanism of awareness in the heart of the wearer; the future is now with its seed, the respect for everything and everyone, closer to a Da Vinci style, just the man from the past that still teaches ‘till the future …

Loroetu in & on…


Monica and I are really happy about our online debut!

Another step of our dream comes true …

In our imagination this blog should be a space dedicated to the finer things, to the kind words, to the serene and magical afternoons when we played when were kids, the sinuous movements of the Universe with its mystical rhythms, to a bloated breath in the mountains before diving through an underwater vision inside a tropical sea discovering the bright color, so … here is, salt on the skin, relax, a joke with a friend or a secret confidence under an umbrella with your feet at the sun.

The same umbrella where it all began, on a distant shore in July 2009 when Monica asked me: “Why do not we work together?” And we began to laugh, laugh, laughing … then we started to get serious, playing with our lives and our imagination.

Nothing is by chance.

See you soon,

Sabrina and Monica