More than 10 years ago for her passion for jewelry, Monica silently flew like on a balloon from Milan and landed in the hills near Valenza, she met Gianni and went to live in a farm full of courtyard animals: 7 horses, 6 dogs , 1 goat, 1 donkey, 1 llama! and for each sad-sick-thinking soul passing nearby there was dining, a roof and a new loving family ready to take care of it.

Background Haydn classical music, in her atelier at the farm, from the windows on various soft green hills, Monica creates two basic objects of Loroetu: the earrings from the Freedom collection and the Cow, the ancestor of the Ethic and Awareness collection.

The Loroetu cow “Live and let live” becomes her inseparable jewel and the ethical piece which symbol of our mission, trying to make other people feel happy.

There are those who look at her neck and smiles and who proposes more radical thoughts and more or less deep, subtle and polite.

All free. Everyone catches in our messages the hues he wants, just to get better, and that makes staying others even better.

We are not positioned under a cultural foxhole and we won’t tell to the others what to do; for us our cow should serve simply to operate the mechanism of awareness in the heart of the wearer; the future is now with its seed, the respect for everything and everyone, closer to a Da Vinci style, just the man from the past that still teaches ‘till the future …

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