Monica and I are really happy about our online debut!

Another step of our dream comes true …

In our imagination this blog should be a space dedicated to the finer things, to the kind words, to the serene and magical afternoons when we played when were kids, the sinuous movements of the Universe with its mystical rhythms, to a bloated breath in the mountains before diving through an underwater vision inside a tropical sea discovering the bright color, so … here is, salt on the skin, relax, a joke with a friend or a secret confidence under an umbrella with your feet at the sun.

The same umbrella where it all began, on a distant shore in July 2009 when Monica asked me: “Why do not we work together?” And we began to laugh, laugh, laughing … then we started to get serious, playing with our lives and our imagination.

Nothing is by chance.

See you soon,

Sabrina and Monica

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