Monica and I were born and grew up in front of a tennis club.

At that memory, as per a domino effect, lots of sensations follow one another in my mind: the sound like gunshots of the balls fired against the wooden-rackets nets, the rubber and red ground smell mixed together, feet and white stockings in contact with the red sand, the creaking of the wood hidden under the carpet of the room where members played cards and backgammon, the mineral water glasses too heavy for a child at the bar of which I felt that I had to have special regard … as I drank as a child I always had a crazy thirst.

Sometimes when they didn’t take me to the club, I could control directly from the home garden my parents or Monica playing with their friends.

At three years old I played with enormous rackets for adults and often suffered from loneliness because nobody ever played with me because I was too young and so while my father challenged in singles or doubles his friends, my mother was with her friends, my sister with Vigini teacher, I was playing behind the hedges against the wall, imagining big tennis challenges.

When after years we moved in a new house we found ourselves in front of a tennis club and so again lessons, joys, tears, fears, but always red ground surfaces, rackets and nets around us.

Sundays before my parents separated, were serene; often sunday-mornings were dedicated to shopping, lunch all together and after 4pm family tennis match of the afternoon.

For this reason nowadays I reconnect weekends to physical, healthy activities and aromas who radiating reveal themselves in all my all dimensions: to physical, benefits the mental, the emotional, the spiritual and the energetic sphere of my persona.

I never feel so truly me myself and I, as when I am in my I AM when I am centered and I think to some unshakable pillars of my existence, fundamental for the health of my 5 dimensions!

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